A typical night includes something like this:

For Whom Bell Tolls~Remedy~Keep Away~Kryptonite
Santa Monica~Crazy Train~I stand Alone~Cumbersome
Whatever~Cold Gin~Enter Sandman~Back in Black
Talk dirty to Me~You Wouldn’t know~Livin on a Prayer
Sex Type Thing~Epic~Slither~Fly me Courageous
Welcome to the Jungle~Folsom Prison Blues~Bawitdaba
Cold Hard Bitch~Shake Me~I Hate Everything about you
Porn Star Dancin’~Here to Stay~Paralyzer~Metal Health
Sex type thing~Song 2~Shout at the Devil~It’s So Easy
Hate myself for loving you~Sober~Lose Yourself
My Own Worst Enemy~Same old situation~Basketcase
I wanna Rock~She hates me~Burn it to the ground~Lit up
Animals~Last Resort~You Spin Me~Blue Monday~Stinkfist
Break Stuff~Cowboys from Hell~Thunderkiss ‘65
Coming Undone~Faith~Crazy Bitch~Figured you out
Head like a hole~Beautiful People~Down with the sickness
Dragula~Bodies~Killing in the Name of~Walk
Sound of Madness~We die Young~Man in the Box


3 Responses to “Songlist”

  1. chris brownell Says:

    you rock what up guys see you at the road house on the 10th

  2. Also Talk Dirty to me and You Wouldn’t know

  3. Anitra weiland Says:

    You guys would rock doing hash pipe by weezer!!!

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