Welcome to the new look!

Welcome to the new look of Menacerocks.com. This poor site has been a little neglected since most of our correspondence is through Facebook these days, but we realize there are still a few people who want to look at a website now and then…so here it is.

The schedule is up to date as of right now, but we are working on a filling in more dates by the end of the year.

If you don’t feel like checking back to see if anything new is shakin’ you can click on “email Subscription” down and to the right, that will send you an email if anything gets updated.

If you want to comment on anything we post you can do that too, keep in mind that we will remove anything that is offensive to us…so not much.

Until we meet again



One Response to “Welcome to the new look!”

  1. Menace fans rock!

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