April 5th- Chops in Hanover

April 19th- River City Extreme in Monticello
***Menace Birthday bash***

April 26th- Clyde Iron in Duluth

May 3rd- The Station in Monticello

May 16th- Stoney’s in Rockville

May 17th- The Friendly Buffalo in Big Lake

June 21st- Chops in Hanover

June 28th- McPete’s in Big Lake
***Annual Spud Fest Show- Outdoors***

July 12th- Annandale Roadhouse in Annandale

July 26th- The Friendly Buffalo in Big Lake

August 16th- Montrose Days in Downtown Montrose
***Outdoors, all ages show***

September 20th- The Friendly Buffalo in Big Lake

October 18th- Annandale Roadhouse in Annandale

October 25th- McPete’s in Big Lake
***Huge Halloween Tent Party***

November 1st- Prairie’s Edge Casino in Granite Falls
***Halloween Bash***

November 26th- The Station in Monticello
***Annual night before Thanksgiving bash***

November 29th- The Friendly Buffalo in Big Lake

**All shows in Minnesota unless otherwise noted**

7 Responses to “Schedule”

  1. Where’s the song list? : )

  2. you should try book a show at maxx in ham lake or fatboys in east bethel!!!!!!!!! close to me so i don’t have to travel so damn far to see ya’s!!!

    • We would definitely come up that way! Both those bars are booked by the same agent I believe. We generally don’t book through an agent, but if you let the bar know they could probably request the agent to book us.

  3. You all are f###### great. Keep kicking Ass. See You in Buffalo

  4. Menace rocks they are the best travel all over just to see them .

  5. LOVE you guys you are AMAZING

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